November is officially HERE.

That means in a few short weeks we will start the crazy (but equally fun) HOLIDAY SEASON.

The first event of the season?


Thanksgiving week (yes, it’s a week now) is full of traveling, get-togethers, cooking, baking, outings, tree trimming, shopping, and more. It’s a BUSY, BUSY seven days.

When you are that busy, all kinds of things get put on the back burner and nothing is worse than to wake up on Thanksgiving morning, stare at your closet, and think, “What Do I Wear For Thanksgiving? I have nothing to wear!!”

But this year it will be different, because you have ME.

I want you to feel amazing on Thanksgiving!

You are going to sashay into your in-law’s house with a sweet potato casserole under one arm and a pile of arm candy on the other, and you will feel so put-together that nothing could ruin your day.

Your confidence will be so high that you will WANT to have your picture taken…(no hiding in the back this year).

But the only way to ensure that you will feel amazing and confident is to plan your outfit out ahead of time, because FASHION IS PLANNED. 

What To Wear On Thanksgiving Tips

As you are planning your Thanksgiving outfit, keep the following things in mind:

  • Dress in layers. You can never tell how HOT or COLD it will be in the house with two ovens on and a furnace blowing. Wearing a sleeveless top paired with a longer-sleeve outer layer allows you to control your temperature regardless of where Aunt Edna sets the thermostat.
  • Think about your accessories. I like to think of them as the decorative icing on your outfit cake. A cake is always good, but the cake that is decorated, well, it just makes you think it tastes better, right? Accessories make a simple outfit appear more polished.
  • Dress for comfort. You are going to eat. You are going to be helping cook, or serve, or clean up, or play with kiddos. You don’t want to be in an outfit that is too small and uncomfortable all day long. With that being said, comfort does not mean frumpy. There are better alternatives than the frumpy-express tunic with expanding leggings.
  • Be ready for pictures. Accept it now…there will be pictures. And when you are ready for pictures, you actually want to be in the pictures, and that is a good thing. If need be, take a selfie in the mirror to get a good idea of how your outfit will look in pictures.

What To Wear on Thanksgiving Outfits

Because I know that fashion is planned, I went ahead a planned a casual Thanksgiving outfit for you (in regular, plus, and petite size options).

In addition to the items on the main picture, there are additional options below in other price points and colors that may work better for you. Feel free to swap out the accessories, shoes, or handbags with any of the looks.

I hope this “What To Wear On Thanksgiving Guide” helps make this Thanksgiving just a bit less stressful. Enjoy the HOLIDAY!!

Thanksgiving Outfit

(regular sizes)

Thanksgiving Outfit

(plus sizes)

Thanksgiving Outfit

(petite sizes)